Workshops @ Chrysalis Hub

We are delighted to offer workshops for the whole family! In just one space we offer a wide range of activities that cater for children and adults.

We believe that children are often faced with many pressures to achieve that they lose sight of what it means to have fun and just be. Our children's workshops include programs for tots, kids and teens; these workshops include a balance of physical, social and intellectual activities to stimulate the whole child and promote creativity and learning in a participatory, mindful and fun way.

Adults are constantly rushing around and forget to have a much deserved down-time in order to unwind. Our workshops for adults provide such a space.

Some of the workshops at Chrysalis Hub are:

Art & Craft
  • Creative Dance
Clay modeling
  • Keyboards
  • Yoga for kids
Story telling
Yoga for adults

We introduce new workshops on an ongoing basis and the same can be found on our facebook page or our website