Day Care and Emergency Day Care

Children's developmental goals are achieved by hands on interaction. The Day Care Program offers a structured program wherein the child is allowed to explore, create, build, swing, touch, sing, listen and watch. The schedule includes plenty of stimulating indoor and outdoor experiences and lots of free play options and exposure to different materials.

Children have the chance to play independently, in a small group and as part of a larger group.

Day Care Options

Full Day Care:A full day-care service is offered to children aged 1 year and above. Our welcoming environment, age appropriate toys, learning materials and caring staff ensures that children in our care feel safe and happy at all times.

Half Day - Care:For kids who are in preschool at the centre and wish to continue being at the centre until evening; for kids coming from other schools and for children who are in need of care only for a few hours daily.

Emergency Care:Ever need to go somewhere, do something or have a family emergency and can't find someone to take care of your child? Chrysalis Hub is always there at your service.

Drop him/her off at our place. No reservations required, no potty training required!

Age groups for admission

1 year and above (children will be grouped according to age and will take part in age appropriate activities)