Who We Are

Every child is a precious and wonderful gift worthy of unconditional love and has the right to grow and learn in a secure and loving environment

Just as the chrysalis transforms into a beautiful butterfly in a safe environment, Chrysalis Hub provides a protective, secure environment - nourished with love and care and catered with loads of enriching, stimulating, learning and fun-filled activities to enable each child to grow and develop holistically before he/she flies out into the larger world, ready to face all odds in life.

As individuals we are always learning. It is a never ending part of our lives. This 'learning' is the vital reason why we have various other services apart from preschool. We strive to make the most of 'the learning experience' by also organizing workshops, holiday camps, parties and a whole lot more to allow our children and parents to participate actively as a community. These activities bring families together to bond and become a closer unit. It develops a support system when parents find themselves in a sticky situation. It works as a forum wherein parents and children can share their adventures, concerns and joy

Since parents are an integral part of our centre, our goal is also to cater for the needs of parents so they too can participate in various workshops and fitness regimes to enable them face the challenges of daily life.

We have a wonderful facility, terrific staff and a warm, caring and supportive community.

We understand that choosing the right centre for your child is an important decision and we strive to meet the expectation of every family we serve.