Our Facility

We are housed in a cosy and safe neighbourhood at Frazer Town, Bangalore. We have a 2500 sq ft facility which is designed and equipped to be completely child centric. The core of our work evolves round the fact that children blossom when they are showered with lots of love and care. We impart this in the work we do as well as in developing our facility into one that oozes with love, affection and warmth.

We have the following spaces within the facility:

Parent Foyer: This area is located at the entrance of the facility, it contains all information parents need, including sign-in/out register and a digital photo-frame to view the children and happenings at the centre.

Lerato (Love) and Thabo (Joy): Our preschool classrooms are spacious, airy, well-lit and well-equipped for a comfortable and challenging learning environment.

The Ngoma (Place of Dance and Music): This space is dedicated to circle time, group activities and workshops that require a lot of space for movement.

Naledi (Star): Our imaginative play centre - all kids like imaginative play, they dress up or try on various roles to help them process and understand the world. By doing so they develop social skills and the ability to play with others whilst using their imagination and creativity. This area also consists of puzzles, manipulatives and blocks to encourage creativity, problem-solving and cognitive development.

Sanaa (Art): Our Art centre and Mini library - in this space we do all our messy and gooey art work that children love. This helps children develop creative talent and fine motor skills. The mini library helps children develop a love for books and reading at an early age.

Thulani (Be comforted): Our resting space, where kids can take a nap after long hours of innovative work and play.

The Lapa (Our door Play Area): Our jungle gym for the development of gross motor skills.

The Boma (Enclosed Camp): The sand pit and water play area allows children the freedom to explore their environment and engage in sensory and gross motor play.